Bahrain Football Association

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About Client:

Headquartered in Bahrain, The Bahrain Football Association (Arabic: الاتحاد البحريني لكرة القدم) is the governing body of football in Bahrain, and controls the Bahrain National football team. It was founded in 1957, and has been a member of FIFA since 1968. With a global workforce spread across and its part of FIFA. Our client believes in the power of vertical integration and delivers competitive solutions to customers worldwide

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Challenges faced by our Client:

The Client wants Dreamguys Technologies to develop a Sports (Football) based Application to  manage Employee Attendance, Leaves, Support Tickets and Visitor ID Cards in the system.

The Client was aiming to design and develop a multilingual system in English and Arabic language. Our client was looking to digitize their overall processes in a phased approach. Initial Phase was to digitize Human Resources Management System and Manage employee attendance, support tickets and manage ID CARDS and board meetings.

Phase 2 of the project shall digitize various football clubs, Referee Management, Sport Events, Event tickets management by various clubs, Attendance and Payroll of Clubs’s staff. 

Client also wanted to implement an application that can be accessed over cloud and offer seamless connectivity in web and mobile platforms. Our client wanted to integrate various 3rd party standalone systems like CRM / HCM into one Enterprise suite and serve one common interface to its management board and their workforce 

What we offered:

Dreamguys Technologies offered a comprehensive suite of software applications by deploying their web and responsive mobile application platform along with the custom modules, designed and developed to suit the expectations of our client. NewHrms system was deployed securely in AWS cloud infrastructure ensuring high availability and scalability. Dreamguys Technologies engaged a highly experienced team and engaged them throughout to carry out the entire Digital Transformation processes.

  1. Effective Incident Management. 
  2. Assign and Track SLA’s of the incidents reported by the Staff
  3. Manage the Users and members responsible for solving the Incidents.
  4. User Management with Roles and Privileges
  5. Employee Shifts, Leaves, Attendance, Assets and Support Incident Management
  6. Automated workflow notifications management
  7. Seamless Chat communication between the stakeholders 
  8. Employee or Visitor access Management
  9. Automated ID Card Generation with Iqama number, National ID (Unique identification number generated by Bahrain Government for each person in Bahrain) 
  10. Approval process automation for Leaves
  11. Geolocation based controls in Attendance Management
  12. Employee Attendance Log Management
  13. Asset Management with automated QR code generation 
  14. Board Meeting Automation with inbuilt meeting scheduling, conferencing, reminders and notifications.  
  15. Employee dependant management 

Engagement Model: 

Dreamguys Technologies proposed a project life span of 2 years with a phased development approach adopting Agility across the project life cycle. 

Technology Implementation:

Tiered Application with PHP backend with MySQL Database.

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