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  • June 6, 2024
Hotdesk Plus Product Re-architecture and Offshore Development Team by Dreams Technologies
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Hotdesk Plus, a leading provider of workspace management solutions, partnered with Dreams Technologies to re-architect their existing product and enhance its scalability, performance, and user experience. Hotdesk Plus sought to leverage modern technologies and industry best practices to meet the growing demands of their global client base. Dreams Technologies assembled an offshore development team to revamp the product and deliver a robust and feature-rich workspace management solution.

Client Background:

Hotdesk Plus is a prominent player in the workspace management industry, offering a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to manage their coworking spaces, shared offices, and flexible work environments efficiently. As the market evolved, Hotdesk Plus recognized the need to upgrade their product to meet emerging business requirements and stay ahead of the competition.


Hotdesk Plus faced several challenges during the product re-architecture process:

Technical Modernization: The existing product architecture was outdated and lacked scalability and flexibility. Hotdesk Plus needed to migrate to a modern architecture that could accommodate future growth and handle increasing user loads.

User Experience Enhancement: The user interface and overall user experience of the product needed improvement to ensure a seamless and intuitive workspace management experience for clients and end-users.

Tight Development Timeline: Hotdesk Plus had a tight timeline for product re-architecture to ensure minimal disruption to their existing customer base and capitalize on market opportunities.

Results & Achievements

Through their collaboration with Dreams Technologies’ offshore development team, Hotdesk Plus achieved the following results:

Modernized Product Architecture: The re-architected product provided a scalable, modular, and cloud-native architecture that could handle increased user loads and adapt to future business needs. This architecture ensured improved performance, stability, and extensibility.

Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned user interface and streamlined workflows resulted in an intuitive and user-friendly workspace management solution. Clients and end-users experienced improved productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

On-time Product Delivery: Despite the tight timeline, Dreams Technologies’ offshore team delivered the re-architected product within the agreed time frame. This minimized disruption to Hotdesk Plus’ existing customer base and allowed them to seize market opportunities promptly.

Seamless Integration and Migration: The offshore team ensured seamless integration of the re-architected product with Hotdesk Plus’ existing systems and databases. Data migration from the old architecture to the new one was performed efficiently with minimal downtime.

Future Scalability and Maintainability: The scalable and modular architecture implemented by the offshore team enabled Hotdesk Plus to easily add new features, accommodate increasing user loads, and maintain the product with minimal effort and cost.

Solution Provider

Dreams Technologies addressed the challenges by implementing the following solutions:

Expert Offshore Development Team: Dreams Technologies assembled a highly skilled offshore development team consisting of software architects, developers, UX/UI designers, and quality assurance engineers. The team had expertise in modern technologies, scalable architecture, and user-centric design.

Comprehensive Product Analysis: The offshore team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing product, studying its strengths, weaknesses, and pain points. This analysis formed the basis for the re-architecture plan and prioritization of enhancements.

Agile Development Approach: The project followed an Agile development methodology, enabling iterative development, frequent client feedback, and early delivery of working software. This approach facilitated adaptability to changing requirements and ensured transparency throughout the development process.

Scalable and Modular Architecture: The offshore team re-architected the product using a scalable and modular architecture, leveraging microservices, containerization, and cloud technologies. This architecture allowed for seamless scalability, enhanced performance, and easier maintenance and future enhancements.

User Experience Redesign: Dreams Technologies’ UX/UI designers worked closely with Hotdesk Plus to redesign the user interface and improve the overall user experience. This included intuitive navigation, responsive design, and streamlined workflows to enhance productivity and user satisfaction.

Continuous Integration and Deployment: The offshore team implemented continuous integration and deployment pipelines to automate the build, testing, and deployment processes. This enabled faster time-to-market, improved quality, and reduced deployment-related risks.


Dreams Technologies’ offshore development team played a vital role in the successful re-architecture of Hotdesk Plus’ workspace management solution. Their technical expertise, agile development approach, and focus on user experience resulted in a modernized and scalable product that met Hotdesk Plus’ business objectives and exceeded customer expectations. The collaboration between Hotdesk Plus and Dreams Technologies showcased the value of offshore development in achieving digital transformation and innovation in the workspace management industry.