Elevate Automation with Dreams Technologies

In the contemporary digital landscape, IT teams face the imperative of swiftly delivering top-notch products and services.

To achieve this rapid pace alongside ongoing quality assessments and robust data protection, teams must adopt agile methodologies, elevate quality management standards, and harness robust automation frameworks.

Dreams Technologies' intelligent automation solutions expedite software development, modernization, and service provision, all while upholding data integrity and trust.


Distinctive Attributes

  • Seamless Fusion of Enterprise Data Management
  • Cloud Application Development sans Vendor Constraints
  • Unveiling Clarity and Harmony Throughout the Organizational Spectrum
  • Real-Time Illumination Amplifying Excellence and Expediency
  • Swift Construction and Launch of Applications, Enabling Unmatched Agility
Key Components

Testing and Automation Services

In the software development industry, manual processes of compiling and distributing applications are things of the past. Dreams Technologies introduces advanced Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD/CD) pipelines with comprehensive orchestration, automating the entire software development lifecycle.


Comprehensive Automation

Our emphasis lies in automating every manual process, spanning testing, defect management, test data handling, test pre-conditions, and deployment operations.

Seamless Integration

Our approach seamlessly integrates all aspects, from management to repositories, ensuring a complete process automation rate of 100%.

ROI and Performance Metrics for Automation

We consistently monitor and enhance Return on Investment (ROI) and critical success indicators, including defect rates and mean time for issue detection and resolution, throughout the deployment lifecycle.

Optimized Tools and Expedited Solutions

Acknowledging the evolving vendor landscape, we adopt an unbiased approach, selecting and deploying the most suitable solutions for each client's unique requirements.

CAD (Continuous Automation & Deployment) Models

We continually enhance coverage and deployment cycles through iterative iterations of our Continuous Automation & Deployment (CAD) models.

Simplicity in Augmentation and Maintenance

Our frameworks are thoughtfully designed, enabling non-technical personnel to expand test coverage and ensure effortless upkeep.

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