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About Client:

Kurdistan 24 is a Kurdish broadcast news station based in Erbil, Kurdish, with foreign bureaus in Washington, DC .Kurdistan 24 launched its television network on 31 October 2015. aiming to deliver 24 hrs NEWS from Kurdistan and around the world to transform the media landscape of Kurdistan.

The television network covers events across the  Greater Kurdistan area and offers analysis on relevant issues in this region.

In addition to political news, Kurdistan 24 offers segments on the Region's culture from all four parts of Kurdistan. It also updates its viewers on news of the sports world etc.,

With a global workforce spread across and spread across many areas. Our client believes in the power of  integration and delivers competitive solutions to manage the workforce and wants to manage the entire TV station workforce under one roof with their specific requirements. 

Company Web link: https://kurdistan24.net/

Challenges faced by our Client:

The Client wants Dreamguys Technologies to develop a system to manage and automate employee activity, recruitment etc.. 

Being a renowned National TV channel, it was necessary to ensure high precision with high quality of output in all their programmes and wanted to manage the Master Control Reset (MCR) Penalty, which stipulates that if an employee makes a mistake, the system should withhold a penalty in their payouts. 

Our client was looking to digitize their Human Resources Management System and Manage employee attendance, tickets , employee payment per production, multiple branches as TV stations (within IRAQ)  have multiple branches operating with fulltime and contract employees 

They had also requested for a detailed evaluation system based on the amount of work and payment calculated as per the employee production.

Client also wanted to implement an application that can be accessed over cloud and offer seamless connectivity in web with mobile responsiveness. 

What we offered:

Dreamguys Technologies offered a comprehensive suite of software applications by deploying their NewHrms.com web with three tier architecture and responsive mobile application platform along with the custom modules, designed and developed to suit the expectations of our client. NewHrms system was deployed securely in  LINUX private Cloud Infrastructure ensuring high availability and scalability. 

Employee Activity-Employees can insert their daily activity according to the employee type.

Payroll System based on the employee's activity in a month. 

Pay Grade System based on Employee levels and experience.

Employee and Users Management with various Roles and Privileges.

MCR Penalty System 

  • Monitoring all shows and events performed by the Users.
  • The MCR comprises a group of employees who will monitor the screen and if any faults happen to the screen, they will have a form and they record it and mention the people who have been involved in the (program/news) bulletin. 
  • Escalations to Line or Reporting Managers for actions
  • HR penalizes Employees with an impact in their Payout. 

Employee Type - Permanent and Contract Employment. 

Payroll for Permanent Employees, pay slabs for contract labors

Evaluation System 

  • Automated  evaluation of  Employee, Line manager, customer, Program, News presenter, Program presenter etc.
  • Evaluation determines the course of action. 

Notification System – Automated Notifications for all important actions in the system

Payroll System- Dynamic payroll system with configurable pay componenets

Payroll will be generated according to

  • Attendance log
  • Penalty system
  • Basic salary
  • Car Allowance
  • Policy Violations
  • Rewards and Incentives

Guest/Booking and Vistor management System

Shift and Attendance System

  • Dynamic User Groups department wise with different access and privileges

Leave Management System

  • Dynamic Leaves and Vacation Management system configured for various user roles. 
  • Employee Shift Management with dynamic policies as per the Organizational standards

Request Forms 

  • Dynamic request forms for assets, travel plans etc.,

User Access Log System 

Training and Development System

Accounting System with a 360 view of the budget, expenses, profit and loss and more with detailed Analytics

Accounting Modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Income(USD)
  • Income (IQD)
  • Accounting Safes
  • Income(Equipment)
  • Transfer Money between safes
  • Bank Accounts
  • Item(asset) Management
  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Warehouse/in
  • Warehouse/out
  • Refund From Vendor
  • Product Categories
  • Vendor Bills
  • Warehouse/ Transfer
  • Warehouse
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Proposals
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Projects
  • Persons
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Taxes

Store and inventory System

Device Management & Device attendances

Technology Implementation:

Tiered Application with PHP Laravel  backend with MySQL Database  

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