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About Client:

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is an institute of National importance which caters to the human resource requirement of the Nation through teaching, research and professional development training in all fields of Science, Technology and Management, to include Mining, Petroleum, Mining Machinery, Mineral Engineering, Earth Sciences, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Management, and Humanities & Social Sciences.

IIT(ISM) Dhanbad has produced many stalwarts of the Indian energy and resources industry. The institute is currently heading towards being a think tank for the petroleum and earth science industry by using the latest technology in terms of artificial intelligence and big data.

Challenges faced by our Client:

The client has been manually managing the tender and projects life cycle, which involved manually inviting tenders, evaluating the concept notes of a project idea, and tracking projects offered to the bidders. Our clients have been experiencing challenges with regards to project fund allocation, effective time management in delivery, and approval processes involving concerned authorities. Our clients wanted to simplify these concerns and automate the process in a more efficient and transparent way for tracking and reporting purposes.

Client wanted to implement a system that comprises several Authorities with various roles and privileges. Our client wanted to efficiently inform, track, manage and operate the project and tender process. 

What we offered:

Dreamguys Technologies deployed it’s comprehensive NewHRMS - Human Resource Management System, tailored it with a wide range of modules meeting the clients expectations. The NewHrms system was securely deployed in a private AWS cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing high performance, availability and scalability.

  • Announce, Invite, Track, Award, Process and Manage the Tender and Projects
  • Manage different User Accesses across different departments with various roles and privileges.
  • Categorize different administrative access levels for monitoring the project finance, approval, and evaluation processes.
  • Create a comprehensive flow for the project or tender submission process, incorporating Dynamic approval methods.
  • Track and manage the complete database of Project Reviewers (PI), including the details of project concepts notes
  • Establish a project management flow that involves assigning projects to a lead and team executives, along with specifying their tasks.
  • Track each milestone of the project and plan for financial approvals pertaining to each milestone.
  • Audit the overall processes.
  • Seamless Document Management throughout the Tender and Project life cycle.
  • Manage, Assign and Track the employees assigned to the specific projects.
  • Dashboards and Reports with smart analytics. 
  • Custom reports and insightful data on the Accounts and Finance. 

Technology Implementation:

The complete solution was built using Codeigniter (PHP) with MySQL Database with HTML frontend. 

Architecture Implementation:


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