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About Client:

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India’s IT capital, Our client is a fast–growing conglomerate engaged in diverse businesses, including Information Systems and Technology, Electronics, Infrastructure Development, Hospitality, Renewable Energies and Sustainability.

With a global workforce spread across three continents, our client believes in the power of vertical integration and delivers competitive solutions to customers worldwide

Challenges faced by our Client:

Our client was looking to digitize their Human Resources Management System and Operations in eradicating all manual processes and to avoid cumbersome physical storage of employee records, documents and more.., 

Client also wanted to implement an application that can be accessed over cloud and offer seamless connectivity in web and mobile applications. Our client wanted to integrate standalone CRM systems with one Enterprise suite of software applications and serve one common interface to its management board and their Global workforce. 

What we offered:

Dreamguys Technologies offered a comprehensive suite of software applications by deploying their web and mobile application platform along with the custom modules, designed and developed to suit the expectations of our client. system was deployed securely in AWS cloud infrastructure ensuring high availability and scalability. 

  1. Multi Branch or Multiple Entity creation to effectively manage your organizational needs
  2. Create and Mapping Employees under different branches
  3. Manage Employee Transfers across departments and branches
  4. Employee Onboarding made simple
  5. Effective Employee Documents Management
  6. Manage all compliance and statutory documents effectively
  7. Dynamic Leave policies management
  8. Configure and Manage Custom Leave Policies across different entities
  9. Create and Manage Dynamic forms with fields
  10. Bulk Import and Export of Data
  11. Geofencing feature using Mobile application
  12. Restrict Employees to specified Geo Zones
  13. Track Employee Locations
  14. Integration with leading CRM’s 
  15. Onboarded 1000+ Employees
  16. Dynamic Reports and Analytics 

Technology Implementation:

Tiered Application with PHP backend with MySQL Database. Mobile Application powered by Flutter. 

Architecture Implementation:

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